my name is Elaine but much prefer to be called Lainey and this is my last attempt at a blog.

Over the last ten years I’ve had or contributed to several blogs and very much fell into the “glossy, clean, and sophisticated” mindset of the blogging world.

But I am none of those things.

My favourite blogs in the whole wide web are the everyday, awesome blogs.  I love reading about the weather in Ohio, what sweater Susan is knitting, or what Toms’ cats are up to.  I’d like to have a blog like that now.

Personally, I’m now trying to inject more creativity in my life and blogging along the way.

I live in Nottinghamshire UK, I’m a mum, gamer, Gen-Xer, spiritual eclectic, vertigo suffering INFJ.  And this is my so called blog…

Lainey x